ranting on two topics today:
1) courtship
2) sensitivity
I don’t understand how boys are still dumb when it comes to girls. You’d think in the twenty-first century they’d get just the slightest bit smarter. Girls like three things from boys: flowers, chocolate & sex. I JUST WANT TO BE FUCKED AND FUCKING COURTED FOR ONCE. I don’t even like chocolate so just some damn f l o w e r s and s e x would be fucking amazing! Hey universe wanna send a boy my way that can manage that?!

Humans are too damn sensitive. They can’t take an once of criticism. We can’t keep telling people to love their bodies, we should strive for a better self everyday, never being satisfied with our self image, always wanting improvement because that’s healthy. We can’t keep saying bullying is a real thing, yeah we have dicks and psychos, but it’s your choice to attend the arguments you’re invited to. Also, if you have a bully, you gotta stick up for yourself no matter what. We can’t keep thinking mental illnesses are self diagnosable. We shouldn’t desensitize it, but understand that it is real and shouldn’t be an excuse to our actions. Maybe you’re depressed, or maybe you’re a teenager. Maybe you’re bipolar, or maybe you’re dramatic. I just think people need to chin tf up. Life isn’t easy, it’s not going to get easier. I haven’t had the toughest life so maybe I can’t say much for myself, but I lost my mother at the age of three, never had a sense of family, lost a best friend last year, and it’s not going to get easier. But I pray for perseverance and courage. And then I do what I need to do in order to be happy. If someone tells me I suck at something, if I get a bad grade, if I get dumped, if I don’t think I’m skinny enough, I don’t dwell on it. I do what makes me happy, I improve myself, I never stop growing as a person. And that’s how it should be.


by Jeremiah Probodanu